Seven Steps to Leading a Gender Balanced Business

seven-steps-leading-gender-balanced-businessThe real rewards of a gender-balanced business.

Scores of studies have shown the benefits to the bottom line of a gender-balanced organization, one in which women and men are evenly distributed across every part of the business. But the reality still reflects a woeful imbalance with men predominating in positions of power.

Now, Avivah Wittenberg-Cox brings a practical, seasoned voice to the debate—laying out proven action items that will make gender balance a reality. Wittenberg-Cox has worked with some of the world’s largest and most recognizable firms to bring gender balance to all parts of their organizations. In this HBR Single (a digital book), she outlines what executives need to do to make real change happen. Beyond the usual well-intentioned mentoring and networking programs for women that go nowhere, the author instead argues for a constructive change that focuses on arming all leaders with the strategic understanding of how and why gender balance will net a better economic outcome for the company.

It’s time to balance business. Wittenberg-Cox tells us how, and why, it needs to happen now.

HBR Singles provide brief yet potent business ideas, in digital form, for today’s thinking professional.

You can order Avivah’s book Seven Steps to a Leading Gender-Balanced Business here or through Amazon in your country.