build management skills

Equip managers with the skills to manage across genders


Once top management is on board, you may want to build awareness and skills with managers around the globe. You will want to enable them to become effective ‘gender bilingual’ managers, able to design, implement and profit from the business opportunities that improved gender balance delivers.


Transfer our content and methodology in-house

The popularity of the 20-first Awareness Sessions has led us to create a ‘train the trainer’ and licensing programme. It allows you to license and roll-out this innovative and impactful approach across all your operations.

  • Proven methodology – Allows you to cascade gender balance across levels and geographies with an approach validated by many leading multinational companies.
  • Transfer knowledge in-house – Through a formal accreditation program, internal staff are trained and certified to deliver 20-first Awareness Sessions.
  • Licensing of content and methodology – Licensing agreement gives companies ability to run 20-first sessions themselves, including the rights to use all content.

ONLINE TRAINING: The Bottom Line on Gender Balance

20-first’s multi-media, multi-lingual gender awareness course

Want to align all your employees globally on the message and the plan? This multi-media course is a cost-effective way to align managers around the world on the WHY, WHAT and HOW of gender balance. Multi-lingual and cross-functional, it lets you broaden your audience while keeping messages consistent.

  • Five highly interactive modules drawing on global best practices
  • Flexible user interface – accessible 24/7 from anywhere
  • Available languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian and Japanese
  • Standard and customized versions available, including implementation pack

Watch introduction to The Bottom Line on Gender Balance

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Engaging and interactive online sessions, facilitated by Avivah Wittenberg-Cox

Want a short, sharp cost-effective online session with a global expert? You can offer your colleagues an opportunity to learn about global best practices simply and directly.

Live online sessions can cover a lot of ground:

  • WHY? Strategic Understanding and the Business Case – A wake-up call on why “gender balance” is a business issue, not a women’s issue
  • WHAT? Gender Differences and their Consequences – A pragmatic and insightful session on what managers need to know to lead effectively across genders
  • HOW? Implementing Gender Balance – Overview of global best practices on how to create significant and sustainable change: pacing policies, KPIs and communications
  • TALENT: Targeting People Management as a Key Lever of Change – Targeted to HR Managers, a focused session on recruiting, retaining and promoting both halves of the talent pool
  • “BILINGUAL MARKETING” Profiting from Untapped Market Potential – targeted to Sales & Marketing managers, a focused session on how better gender awareness can open new market spaces and increase customer satisfaction

TOOLKITS: Essential Management Reference

Online resources and tools to support implementation
  • Executive summaries – short, sharp management briefings on key issues
  • Case studies and research – global benchmarks from leading companies
  • Slides – ready-to-use slides for managers
  • Checklists – pragmatic tips and guidelines
  • Standard and customized versions available

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