sustain the change

Keep the momentum, track progress, reward success

Gender balance is a journey. Over time, you’ll want to keep the organization engaged and committed to change while sharing news of progress and milestones. 20-first can provide flexible support to project teams to ensure that your programme stays on track – and delivers.


Managing the change
  • Ongoing advice and review of project plans, deliverables and key communications
  • Assistance in managing sceptics, getting buy-in from key stakeholders or resolving issues
  • Sharing of hands-on experience gained from working with hundreds of senior teams in companies around the globe


What to say (and what NOT to)
  • Development of communications strategy and plan
  • Intranet site design, online community management
  • Bespoke content for internal or external publications
  • Best practice case studies, interviews, videos and scripts


Ensuring the needle has moved
  • Qualitative and quantitative progress reviews
  • Scorecard development and implementation support
  • Evaluating roll-out plans and benchmarking against global best practice

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