leadership coaching

20-first coaches are fluent in accompanying leaders through key inflection points: in leadership and life.

leadership coaching for 20-first Century Leaders

20-first coaches come with the global experience and expertise from our consulting business – how to lead inclusively in global and multi-stakeholder environments. Want a partner to accompany individuals and teams to become profoundly conscious leaders, choosing to choose relevant behaviours, communications and self-management – wherever in the world they are working? We’ve globe-trotted with the best…

Leadership For Life

20-first integrates personal and professional worlds to bring alignment at key decision moments in lives and careers. Wish you could apply all the many tools of leadership development at work (360s and personality profiles, strengths analysis, career planning) to become as good at the other dimensions of life (dual careers, personal ambitions, career pacing). We cross lines, erase boundaries and integrate lives to enhance impact and authenticity.

CEO Coaching: Deep Dive on Gender Bilingualism

It’s tough for most CEOs today to know how to walk or talk on gender issues. Too often they hit the headlines for the wrong reasons. By popular demand, 20-first offers an intensive session on everything CEOs need to know about sex, but often don’t even know they don’t know. Framing, positioning and role modelling: what they have to do, what they most want to avoid. Want to lead the change serenely and sustainably? We’ve been there, and done that.